• The optimal solution for short runs

High speed inkjet printing label solutions

High speed inkjet label solutions

Printing small quantities of labels in offset, flexo or any other analogue Printing technique is expensive, it’s difficult to integrate variable data on labels and if you decide to make larger print runs, there will be additional costs for storage and you take the risk that stock may become obsolete.

If there is a broad range of different products you need to label and you want accurate information to be printed on the labels in one go, digital printing can be the best solution for you. It gives you flexibility and enables you to make each label unique. Digital Printing is a powerful and cost effective short-run label printing solution, that improves productivity versus outsourcing options and enables businesses to respond to customer and market trends effectively.

At Emax label solutions we understand the opportunities fast inkjet printing offers to our customers. We have developed a vast range of HIGH SPEED INKJET MATERIALS that – in combination with our adhesives – offer you the perfect solution for your specific label requirements.

Label printing global trend

  • Customized labels for marketing & promotion campaigns
  • Short runs of printing labels
  • Decrease of label stocks


  • Full color without pre-impressed labels
  • No obsolete stock of pre-impressed labels
  • Print on demand
  • Excellent printability
  • Powerful brand image
  • Low cost short run printing
  • Easy variable data Integration

End markets

  • EU mandatory tyre label
  • Pharmacy & Laboratory
  • Chemical industry
  • Mattress & carpet
  • Food & beverage
  • Box shoe label
  • Wristbands
  • Transport & logistics
  • Gardening labels

Tailor made solutions

Often your specific requirements need other than standard solutions. If you are looking for new solutions or improvements beside our standard range, share your ideas with us. From only small adjustments to more fundamental changes, flexibility is our character.